EP44: Hal Johnson - The Keys To Not Giving Up When Adversity Strikes


Hal Johnson has it.

Back in 1988, when he and Joanne McLeod, teamed up to create a series of 90-second televised public service announcements called Body Break to inspire Canadian audiences to “keep fit and have fun,” it wasn't embraced right away.

In fact, Hal shopped the idea to various places but was turned down repeatedly including by one television network representative who told Hal he didn't feel Canada was ready to see a biracial couple on screen (Hal is half-black while Joanne is white).

Others would have been angry, but Hal just used this challenge as motivation.

Let's just say, due to his focus and sheer determination, he'd help Body Break become an iconic fixture on TV sets across the country.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of taking the positives from rejection to find creative solutions
  • Why you should do investigative work to uncover potential opportunities no one else sees
  • Why it's an absolute must to look for ways to fill a need for people

To book Hal and Joanne for a speaking event, visit here.

To download The Market Authority Blueprint mentioned in this episode, click this link.

EP43: Dan Nisker - How To Fail Your Way To Your Profitable Niche


It can either knock you out for good or it can serve you for greater success.

Dan Nisker chose the latter route.

He's a fitness expert whose focus is helping those with missing limbs to become more fit and empowered about the impact they can have on this world.

It has proved to be quite a profitable niche.

Dan's client list has soared from 18 at one point to over 260.

It didn't come easy though.

Dan experimented with different niches, such as cardiologists and brides-to-be, but when they fell flat, he learned from those experiences and kept going.

Today, he is a great success story.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you need to research your niche before diving in
  • Why it's a must for you to go out and actually test that niche market to see if it's truly commercial
  • The importance of making calls to find your ideal clients

To find out more about Dan and his book, Para-Tough, visit here.

To download The Market Authority Blueprint mentioned in this episode, click this link.

EP42: Kathy Ireland - Business Tips From A Supermodel Turned Super Mogul


You might have some negative assumptions about them.

Well, this week's guest just might change your mind.

Kathy Ireland was a supermodel in the 1980s and 1990s where she graced many magazine covers including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

She is a modelling icon, but did you know she's quickly becoming iconic in the business world as well?

Today, she has built a licensing empire by lending her name, taste and marketing talents to more than 17,000 products that generate annual merchandise sales of $2.6 billion.

Her business road hasn't been easy, but she's persevered to become a winner and inspiration to many.

During this uplifting interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of having the right mentors on your success journey
  • Why you should look for valuable lessons when people criticize you
  • Why you must not let fear paralyze you from achieving your goals

To find out about Kathy and her businesses, visit here.

For information regarding her TV show, Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, click this link.

EP41: Tracey Evans - How To Profit From Your Passion


Did you know they could be used to help with corporate team building and leadership development?

Most people don't.

Enter our guest, Tracey Evans.

She made the unconventional move of leaving her senior marketing role at American Express, so she could run the Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre which delivers programs that inspire others to be better leaders, better partners and better people.

Yes, it was a risky decision to say the least. 

When she worked in the corporate world, she noticed how a lack of communication and leadership ripped teams apart, so she found a way to leverage her passion for horses to help companies strengthen from within.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why problems at your past jobs could be profitable opportunities for your company today
  • How to overcome fear when making potentially life-changing decisions
  • Why having passion for your business is an absolute must

To learn about Tracey, visit here.

To check out Dreamwinds and its various programs, click this link.

EP40: Larry Winget - Why Sacrifice Is The Key To Success

Are you willing to let go?

According to our guest, who is the best-selling author of many books including Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life and a firecracker of a speaker, Larry Winget, many people aren't willing to give up things that are holding them back from achieving the success they truly want.

During this no holds barred interview, you'll learn...

  • A great exercise to determine what you need to do to get where you want to be in business and life
  • Why you should focus on having a lean and mean operation for maximum profitability
  • Why people pay you for your value and not your passion

To find out more about Larry, visit his website here.

To check out his Facebook fan page, click this link.

EP39: Rob Jacobs - How To Develop A Profitable Brand

Your brand.

What is it?

If you don't know, you have a problem.

Companies like Nike, Apple and other business heavyweights understand what their brand message is, who their ideal customers are and the problems they solve for them.

As a result, they attract many loyal fans which becomes very profitable.

If you're not clear on your brand just yet, our guest today, Rob Jacobs has some ideas on how you can change that.

He's a leader in the walk for health movement and co-founder of UnSit, a company that sells treadmill desks which help office workers get off their seats and get active.

During this engaging interview, you'll learn...

  • Why it's important to create powerful brand stories that resonate with your audience and are supported with research and evidence
  • Why having a light and fun aspirational message could be attractive to your ideal clients
  • Why hiring a quality branding expert and copywriter are good investments

To find out more about Rob and his company, UnSit, visit http://www.UnSit.com.

To check out the article referenced in this interview, click here.

To read more about treadmill desks and their benefits, visit UnSit’s newsroom

If you'd like to purchase a treadmill desk, use the discount promo code TBOTL15 to get free shipping! If you order before the end of March 2017, you'll also receive $50 off the price.

EP38: Kevin Mako - Why Hustle Will Make You A Winner In Business

How badly do you want success?

For some entrepreneurs, their desire isn't as powerful because when things get hard, excuses and other distractions get in their way and before they know it, their businesses are no more.

Our guest today, Kevin Mako, who is the founder of Mako Design + Invent which is a successful service consumer product development firm that has offices in Toronto and Austin, Texas, has seen the cost of not being motivated to achieve.

But, through his experiences, he's also witnessed a commonality among the winners - their willingness to hustle.

Without it, you don't create opportunities. You're hoping for them.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why taking action, instead of letting fear paralyze you, will get you farther in business
  • Why procrastination is the ultimate killer of an enterprise
  • The importance of being an expert at what you do and not letting distractions block you

To find out more about Kevin, visit here.  

To learn more about MAKO Design + Invent, click this link.

EP37: Jordan Harbinger - How Mastering Soft Skills Can Lead To More Profit


You've probably already lost business because of it.

There are many reasons why your competition likely won, but one of them could be that you don't have a competitive advantage.

What makes you a step above the rest?

According to our guest, Jordan Harbinger, the star of the popular podcast, The Art of Charm, soft skills could be the missing ingredient that can take you over the top.

During this engaging interview, you'll learn...

  • Why networking and relationship skills are important for business and life
  • Why you shouldn't try to be the hardest worker or smartest person in the room
  • Why you must always be evolving and learning new things to raise your performance to the next level

To find out more about Jordan and The Art of Charm podcast, visit here.

To take The Art of Challenge, click this link.  

EP36: Jen Widerstrom - How To Win In Business Despite Your Obstacles

The Biggest Loser.

It's a popular American reality TV show that inspires millions to get into better physical shape.

Our guest today, Jen Widerstrom is one of the trainers on that program.

For her, life is great. 

She's on a hit TV show that helps many people while she's getting paid well for it.

In addition, she's now a first-time author of the book, Diet Right For Your Personality Type.

However, success wasn't always available.

Back in 2008, when her previous TV show, American Gladiators was cancelled, Jen's life took a turn.

She wasn't able to secure another high profile TV job until 2014 when she landed a spot on The Biggest Loser.

The six years in-between weren't easy, but she found a way to win.

During this uplifting interview, you'll learn...

  • How to use your internal compass to help make crucial decisions
  • Why you shouldn't give your doubts a louder voice than your inner drive
  • Why being an authentic and likeable person with a mindset of service can help your business

To find out more about Jen and her book, Diet Right For Your Personality Type, click here.

EP35: Mark McKoy - Simple Success Tips From An Olympic Champion

What do you want most?

It could be winning a gold medal or having a multi-million dollar business or whatever else comes to mind.

So, what's stopping you from your goal?

For some, they overthink what it takes to get there and often make things more difficult than they need to be.

Enter 1992 Olympic Gold Medal-winning hurdler, Mark McKoy.

He feels if you want to become a true achiever, you have to keep things simple.

That's what he did on his road to Olympic glory.

During this motivational interview, you'll learn...

  • Why breaking down your goal into smaller parts will make it more achievable
  • Why having the right peers will push you to greater heights
  • Why it's a must to have passion and focus on your genius while delegating your weaknesses

To find out more about Mark, visit http://www.markmckoy.com/.

EP34: Marie Forleo - How To Leverage Small Wins To Achieve Unstoppable Success

Oprah & Tony Robbins.
Those two icons have interviewed our guest today.

Early on in Marie Forleo's life coaching journey, those incredible opportunities may have seemed improbable. 

At that time, she declined an offer to work at Vogue magazine to pursue her passion then bartended and waited tables to pay her bills.

There were never any guarantees for success.

But, she was persistent, took action, worked hard and learned from her mistakes along the way.

Marie is now a popular life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host.

Oprah once mentioned, "She's (Marie) the thought leader for the next generation." 

These achievements all happened step-by-step. 

Small victory after small victory.

They all added up to unstoppable success.

During this inspiring interview, you'll learn...

  • Why you need to go for progress and not perfection on your business journey
  • Why you shouldn't pressure yourself to achieve too quickly
  • Why treating everything like an experiment can be a great learning tool

To find out more about Marie and MarieTV, visit https://www.marieforleo.com.

For more information about Marie's B-School, check out https://marieforleobschool.com/.

EP33: Beth Buelow - The Keys To Becoming An Effective Thought Leader

TBOTL - 33 - Beth Buelow (4).png

Who do you serve?

If you're not really sure, that's a problem.

As you probably know, catering to everyone does not work.

Our guest today, Beth Buelow, author of The Introvert Entrepreneur, understands that.

She's been able to create a profitable thought leadership by targeting a specific group of people and solving their issues through her various resources.

During this fun and uplifting interview, you'll learn...

  • Why reflection is an absolute must to figuring out what specific tribe you should serve
  • How to find a dedicated group of customers who love what you do and will promote you to their networks
  • Why it's important to have your own original thoughts instead of being a megaphone for others

To find out more about Beth, visit http://theintrovertentrepreneur.com/.

For more information about Beth's Virtual Book Groups, check out http://theintrovertentrepreneur.com/bookgroup/.

EP32: Michael Useem - Be The Strategic Leader You Always Wanted To Be

Michael Useem.jpg

Are you a strategic thinker?

Many of the best leaders are.

Our guest today has spoken to a few.

For his book, The Strategic Leader's Roadmap: 6 Steps For Integrating Leadership and Strategy, Michael Useem, interviewed Nissan Chief Executive Officer, Carlos Ghosn, PepsiCo Chief Executive, Indra Nooyi, Alibaba Group Founder & Chief Executive, Jack Ma & Cisco Systems Executive Chairman, John Chambers.

From those conversations, Michael discovered key takeaways that can help entrepreneurs and executives become better leaders.

In this informative interview you'll find out some of them including...

  • The importance of having layered leadership instead of doing everything yourself
  • The power of having informal advisors to help you realize your untapped potential
  • Why you should be a self-directed lifelong student of leadership

To find out more about Michael, you can visit http://tinyurl.com/hvos8ay.

To purchase his book, click here - http://tinyurl.com/hwl2gfg.

EP31: Wayne Pacelle - How To Create A Powerful Movement

Are you making the difference you were born to make?

The CEO & President of the Humane Society of the United States certainly is.

Wayne Pacelle, who took office in June 2004, has always been passionate about protecting animals from cruelty.

In his new book, The Humane Economy, it is a wake up call to business leaders and to the static thinking of animal-use industries and their apologists to change their ways.

Wayne is using his thought leadership to create a powerful movement that will not only save animals but help the Earth and humankind as well.

In this fascinating interview you'll learn...

-Why studying your subject inside and out is important in your big idea creation process
-Why developing a plan to advance your idea (ie:  writing a book or launching a podcast, etc) is crucial in having your message reach your intended audience
-Why you must have a balance of impatience and patience to make sure your movement eventually catches fire

To find out more about Wayne, you can visit http://tinyurl.com/gqj5696

To learn more about the Humane Society of the United States, check out http://www.humanesociety.org/.

To purchase Wayne's book, click here - http://tinyurl.com/hjadr7q

EP30: Chris Hadfield - How To Prosper In Space, Business & Life

Outer space.

It's a destination few have the opportunity to explore, but our guest today has had that incredible experience.

Chris Hadfield is the first Canadian Astronaut to walk in space and command the International Space Station. He became famous in 2013, while during a mission, he documented his life outside of Earth on social media for the world to see.

Today, he is a New York Times Best-Selling author and popular public speaker who is sharing his unique insights with people around the globe.

In this fascinating interview you'll learn...

  • The importance of conducting intense self-analysis of what you can offer the world before crafting your thought leadership
  • Why you should lower personal bar of victory to enjoy life more
  • Why aiming to be a zero can help you adjust to meeting new people and entering new social environments

To find out more about Commander Hadfield, you can visit his official website at http://chrishadfield.ca/.

To visit the Business of Thought Leadership Facebook Group mentioned in this episode, check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebusinessofthoughtleadership/

EP29: George H. Ross - Business Advice From Donald Trump's Former Advisor

Donald Trump.

There's no doubt he's a polarizing figure.

You either love or hate him, but what people couldn't deny was his incredible knack for making big money business deals on the way to creating a personal net worth in the billions.

Today, he has a more important job in leading the free world.

However, our guest today has known Trump years before he won the 2016 Presidential Election.

George H. Ross has been a longtime advisor of The Donald ever since Trump made his first real estate transaction at 27 years old.

Ross is a former New York real estate lawyer who also appeared on Trump's highly success television show, The Apprentice and now is busy sharing his wisdom with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In this fascinating interview along with George's friend, Victor Menasce, you'll learn...

  • What Donald Trump's best business trait is (it's not what you think!)
  • The importance of being a great listener and analyzing the deeper meaning of your prospect's words
  • Why the most important person in your organization is the one who gets on the phone first

To find out more about the monthly mastermind call George & Victor are a part of, check out - http://www.mygurumastermind.com/

EP28: Jason Feifer - How To Get Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine

Jason Feifer.png

Do you read Entrepreneur Magazine?

It's one of the elite publications out there that serve up inspiration and insight to business owners worldwide.

For many that are featured, it's an incredible source of free publicity for their enterprise.

But, according to our guest, Jason Feifer, who is the Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, if you want to crack the code, you must be prepared to share your amazing Hero's Journey - warts and all.

In this intriguing interview, you'll learn...

  • Why your problem solving story is much more interesting than just your end result success story
  • How to master the art of listening and having an organic conversation
  • The importance of being fearless and taking risks to move you to the next level

To find out more about Jason, you can check out https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/jason-feifer.

To subscribe to Entrepreneur Magazine visit https://subscribe.hearstmags.com/subscribe/splits/ENT/ent_sub_link_magazine

EP27: Bill Bishop - How To Stand Out In A Noisy Marketplace

Is your business basic or special?

According to the author of the popular book, How To Sell A Lobster, Bill Bishop, there's a big distinction between the two in a customer's eyes.

Words are powerful when communicating how your business can give value to others, so choose wisely.

In this informative interview you'll learn...

  • The importance of giving customers choice
  • People love buying expensive things
  • Why customers purchase your big ideas and not your products or services

To find out more about Bill, check out - http://www.bishopbigideas.com/

EP26: Marc Von Musser - Crush Your Income Targets Starting Right NOW!

If you want to crush your income targets right now you're going to need to be a master of selling.

Does the thought of selling make you feel sick to the stomach?

You’re not alone. For many people the thought of having to sell is nauseating.

The reason?

They have not mastered the art of selling.

For those that have mastered this art the skill set is revered.

The good news is that anyone can learn this art and it’s not as difficult as you think.

Marc Von Musser is a master of selling in this weeks episode he walks us through the new way to sell.

To find out more about Marc Von Musser and the eCircle Academy, check out - https://ecircleacademy.com

EP25: Dr. Carrie Rose - Turn Your Expertise Into Profitable Online Courses

Dr. Carrie Rose.jpg

Help people and make money while you sleep.

Yes, the power of creating your own online course.

Our guest, Dr. Carrie Rose is a trusted expert who has mastered this and is passionate about guiding others toward their fullest potential.

She's assisted many thought leaders in creating online courses that truly make a difference in people's lives.

In this fun and informative interview, you'll learn...

  • The importance of knowing your target demographic before starting your online course
  • Why it's vital to be a member of high level groups to unlock future opportunities
  • Why your “unintelligent thinking” is holding you back from the success you truly deserve

To find out more about Carrie, you can visit her official website at http://www.drcarrierose.com/.

To receive 50% off her online courses, visit https://brandlegend.us/tbotl